The Parent Request for Psychiatric Evaluation is a comprehensive screening and triage instrument.  Dr. Turley requires quite a bit of information prior to the first evaluation appointment. Time is precious.  If he doesn't have to spend a big chunk of the first appointment gathering routine data, Dr. Turley can focus down on the pertinent issues and take the process to the next level.  Otherwise treatment decisions may be delayed or postponed to another day.  Click the link below to complete and submit the form electronically (preferred).  Allow 45-60 minutes. 

Click this link for the questionnaire:  (this will send you to the secure Google Docs form)

Link to Dr. Turley's Parent/Guardian Request for Psychiatric Evaluation

If you prefer to download, print, and manually complete the form: 

Right-click this link and choose 'Save link as"

This will prompt you to download and save the PDF file to your computer.  You can print the 10 page questionnaire, complete it manually, then fax to 866-540-1012.  

Adobe reader it probably already on your computer, but if you need to install it, here's the link: Adobe Reader to view PDF files.