Vanderbilt Teacher Scales are a set of tools developed by Mark A. Walraich, M.D, and provided as a public service by Vanderbilt University and the National Initiative for Children's Health Care Quality.  Dr. Turley uses this valuable information to screen for ADHD, conduct problems, depression and anxiety and to measure response to treatment.  Use of this tool is an essential part of Dr. Turley's evidenced based psychiatric practice.  He is dedicated to making sure that the right kids are on the right medications and that no student is treated unnecesssarily. 

Follow link below to complete and submit this form electronically.  Allow 5-10 minutes.  Dr. Turley knows your time is valuable and appreciates your dedication to your students.

Diagnostic Vanderbilt Teacher Questionnaire

If you would prefer to submit the Vanderbilt Teacher Scale manually, you can access and print a PDF Version Here (RIGHT CLICK AND choose SAVE LINK AS), then fax 866 540-1012. You may need to install Adobe Reader to view PDF files.